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'I'm A Puppy Mummy' is an animal welfare campaign designed to ensure that should an emergency occur, your pets will be looked after, due to 'Pet Emergency Contact' details on a card in your wallet or purse.

Should an emergency occur, have an 'I'm a Puppy Mummy' card in your purse or wallet. This will prompt a call to your 'Pet Emergency Contact', who volunteers to organise cover for your animal(s) whilst you are incapacitated.

Please ensure that your 'Pet Emergency Contact' has keys to your house, full details of your pet/s and veterinarian, and details of kennels/catteries etc. should they not be able to get friends or family to help.

Our Logos are free to download, or you could purchase our official products via our website, online store and selected outlets.

Alternative cards are: "Doggy Daddy" or "Pet Parent".

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