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In 2002 our founder started researching as she wanted a pet dog and wanted to know everything there was to know about nutrition and training as she hadn't had a dog since she was a child.

She bought 2 raw fed puppies and the mission to learn more and educate others began.

Courses in canine health and behaviour came up and every opportunity was taken.

A redundancy led to a change in careers and dedication to animals.

After 7 years of courses and self-teaching she decided that what she knew wasn't enough, she wanted science to back it up and so returned to fulltime education, taking a Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Welfare. At this time she got the opportunity to work with rescue and boarding kennels, a veterinary clinic and a number of exotic species. Taking cues from behind the scenes she wanted to do more.

In 2010 Canine Health 101 was launched, an informative blog/facebook/twitter teaching what she'd learnt and backing it with science.

In 2011 she enrolled on a "top-up" course to complete her BSc (Hons) in Applied Animal Studies, dedicating her dissertation to the comparison of dogs on raw or cooked diets.

At the end of 2011 Healthful was born.

In late 2012 we were approached to consult on Canine Nutrition and are now offering such a service to a number of pet food companies/retailers. We hope that later in 2013 we will be able to offer a Nutrition Clinic.


Our team of taste testers, test every batch of Healthful products and love their job.

We also taste test food & treats on wolves, lynx

& other exotic animals at the Exotic Pet Refuge.



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